About Us


To become the recognized leader in the infused market for providing an outstanding selection of premium coffee beverages & products.


Black Mule is dedicated to bringing high quality, verifiable-dosed, infused coffee and beverage products to the adult use and medicinal markets. We have decades of cannabis and pharmaceutical experience. The core team is comprised of business professionals, with a provable track record in cultivation, nano technology, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and community involvement.

Why Black Mule ?

Coffee with a Kick

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Giving back to our underserved communities

Partnering with the Skill Center, Black Mule will create a Barista Academy and state of the art collaborative learning environment, offering internships, training, SAT/ACT prep, and mentorship programs to empower our future leaders of tomorrow.

A great tasting selection of coffee ready in less than 30 seconds

Packaged into single serve doses that can be used at home or on the go! Just add 6 oz – 8 oz water (hot or cold) or milk.

Each pack has a QR code and a Certificate of Analysis

Rigorously tested by an independent lab

Coffee with a Kick

Our Coffee farming partners are winners of the 2021 International Brewer’s cup & Barista Championship for Specialty Gourmet Coffee.

Sustainably sourced coffee for local economic and social stability.

The Golden Promise

A Promise of Quality, Comfort, and Responsibility

As a premium coffee company, Black Mule offers the promise of working to serve coffee-lovers and all other people. With every cup, you can be sure of the following:

Freshness every time

Each pack of our Columbian coffee is freshly roasted up to the highest quality standards so that you can enjoy a delightful cup every day.

Fine-grade Coffee

If you’re genuinely a coffee lover, you’d know that no two coffees are alike. Our gourmet coffee is made with the choicest beans to give you a nuanced, delicate flavor.

The convenience of instant coffee

with our gourmet instant coffee packs, you can enjoy your cup anywhere. Black Mule Coffee is quick and easy to make, whether at home, work, or go.

Responsibly sourced

we take great pride in the fact that all our coffee is ethically sourced directly from farmers so that they get the maximum returns while we get the most superior flavor.