Premium Coffee

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Includes 10 single serve packets.

Our Premium Coffee offers a medium roast made in the countryside of Columbia. The coffee boasts a delicious flavor and has an unmatched aroma.

Key Benefits
    • Increase energy levels
    • Reduce Caffeine intake
    • Protect against chronic disease
    • Enhance performance
    • Increase attention
    • Improve cognitive function and recall
    • Reduce stress
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This Premium Soluble Coffee offers a medium roast made in the countryside of Columbia. The coffee boasts a delicious nutty, and earthy flavor and has an unmatched aroma.

Premium Soluble Coffee

Premium Coffee; A Coffee That Serves Every Taste

In the quest for the perfect coffee, we tried beans from all over the world. Only the Columbian version made the final cut to our Premium Soluble Coffee pack because of its balanced flavors and notes of freshness.

Grown on the coffee farms at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, this rich, earthy Columbian blend has a classic nutty and earthy taste. Its superior quality maintains the authentic flavor without being bitter.

Columbian coffee has garnered an excellent reputation as a coffee caters to all. This makes Black Mule coffee a popular choice for the coffee-lovers daily dose.

How Is Columbian Coffee Grown?

Columbian Coffee; A Coffee That Serves Every Taste

Coffee extracted from the coffee arabica (arabica) shrub is the best in flavor and quality. Columbian coffee is made from the arabica shrub, making it so loved.

Here’s how the process goes:

  • Coffee beans are planted in large shaded beds where they obtain all fertilizers and energy to grow to their maximum potential
  • Once the plants are ripe, harvesters cherry-pick only the finest coffee cherries, then send them out for further processing.
  • After harvesting, the cherries are dried, fermented, and later milled to reveal the refined grains.

The Unmatched Ease Of Black Mule Premium Coffee

Premium Coffee Is the Way To Go

With the world’s changing trends, one can’t possibly gather enough time to brew a coffee every morning. Now hey! We’re no discriminators between different forms of coffee, but we’ve got to admit soluble coffee takes the lead on ease.

Whether you enjoy your cup at work or need to have your coffee on the go, soluble coffee helps you have your caffeine ready in just a few seconds. Simply add your instant gourmet to hot water, stir and sip away.

5 reviews for Premium Coffee

  1. Nicholas Deemer

    I am a coffee drinker and I love this coffee. Plan to keep it in stock!

  2. Vonetta T

    Great coffee! I’m convinced

  3. Chad Adams

    My absolute favorite! Very smooth, not too strong, not too mild. I can’t drink any other coffee after drinking!

  4. Dawn Little

    Tastes great both hot and cold. First one that tastes really good on ice!

  5. Sandy B

    I like everything about the Black Mule Coffee. Smell, taste, convenience

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